Services Doorstep Vet Provides:

Anything that can typically be done in the hospital exam room can be done in the comfort of your own home. Exceptions are services that require specialized equipment or hospitalization time such as x-rays, surgery or other anesthetic procedures and hospitalization for ill pets.

In our goal of providing more individualized and comprehensive veterinary care you can expect that a house call will take approximately 45-60 minutes. This is at least double the typical in clinic appointment time and allows us to be sure that we are fully addressing your pets needs.

  • Comprehensive physical exam
  • Nutrition and weight management counseling
  • Wellness education
  • Pediatric/geriatric care
  • Ear and skin care
  • Flea and parasite treatment
  • Vaccination programs individualized for your pet and advised by American Veterinary Medical Assoc. Guidelines
  • Comprehensive laboratory work (blood testing, urinalysis, internal and external parasite screens)
  • Diagnosis, treatment and management of chronic or degenerative diseases such as diabetes, kidney or liver disease and arthritis
  • Prescriptions including prescription foods
  • End of life care and euthanasia

Any procedures or treatments that cannot be accomplished in the home will be referred to a local veterinary hospital. We do not provide care for birds or reptiles.


Dr. Cutting, the owner of Doorstep Vet, is an angel on earth. She visited and administered to our beautiful dog, Tasha, who was in her last days in our home. Because of Dr. Cutting, we were able to allow Tasha to pass peacefully in her own bed, surrounded by her people and animal family. Dr. Cutting is compassionate and professional and the epitome of a family vet. The fact that she ministers to our pets in their own homes is so comforting to those with sick or dying pets. I wish I could give her a jillion stars.
— Donna