Here are just a few of the kind words we've heard from our families.

Dr. Kate is truly a gift to all pets and their people! Her gentle compassion, expertise and professionalism, as she makes house calls, allows healing to take place in a familiar home environment.
— Mimi
Dr. Cutting, the owner of Doorstep Vet, is an angel on earth. She visited and administered to our beautiful dog, Tasha, who was in her last days in our home. Because of Dr. Cutting, we were able to allow Tasha to pass peacefully in her own bed, surrounded by her people and animal family. Dr. Cutting is compassionate and professional and the epitome of a family vet. The fact that she ministers to our pets in their own homes is so comforting to those with sick or dying pets. I wish I could give her a jillion stars.
— Donna
Dr. Kate has taken care of all of our pets, from regular checkups to euthanasia, each time with care and skill.  Even with animals that she does not regularly treat (our chickens), she was able to put us in contact with someone who could help.  She is compassionate, knowledgeable and we believe that she is simply the best.
— Corey
Thank you for your help, sensitivity and kindness tonight as you helped us say good bye to our sweet, cranky old kitty, Cleocatra. There was no way we could have brought her in to a vet’s office without a whole lot of added stress and trauma on her and on us. It meant a lot to know we could say goodbye to her in our own home without traumatizing poor sick and in-pain Cleo and us, her worried “parents”. As a house cat, she hadn’t been out of our home in 14 years. I can’t imagine what a pet carrier and waiting in a vet office would have done to her! Thank you for a good experience in sad circumstances!
— Jeannie
I have an old dog who’s happiest at home. It was great that Dr. Cutting could come to give Sammy his geriatric well exam in his favorite spot. His legs aren’t as strong as they used to be so 2 less jumps in and out of the car was a huge bonus. She’s great with my animals!
— Amy
It is the convenience, knowledge, treatment and reassurance of Dr. Kate that reassures us. When our dog was ill, Dr. Kate made daily house calls to prevent us from having to load and unload our 116 lb. love, Riley. We all know that when kids and pets get sick, it’s after hours or weekends—Murphy’s Law. Our family of three dogs now has the reassurance of Dr. Kate and her ability to come to us for most of our veterinary needs. Our family thanks you very much!
— Wendy, Rod and Riley