Easy for you, easy on your pet.

The veterinary profession is working hard to be mindful of the fear and anxiety that any of us may experience with medical care.  At DVM I am continually looking for ways to reduce that stress.  And one of the most obvious is by eliminating the car ride and wait in the lobby at the local hospital.  Exams can be performed outside, in your pet’s favorite bed or on the couch next to you. Wherever your pet is most comfortable and allows me to perform a thorough exam is where the visit will occur. Plus as an added convenience in your busy lives, we come to you! We will even have the medications and food that you need delivered right to your doorstep.

Dr. Kate Cutting

Dr. Kate Cutting, DVM

Dr. Kate Cutting, DVM

DVM is headed by Dr. Kate Cutting a graduate of the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine.  Prior to starting DVM, she worked in a traditional small animal hospital. Dr. Cutting has a special interest in preventative medicine, chronic disease management and infectious disease control. She has attended advanced training in internal medicine, ultrasound and public health.

Since 2010 she has been working with her house call clients to help them become active members of their pet's healthcare team.  High quality medical care is the priority.   She loves the personal touch of house calls and seeing the power of the human animal bond at work.   When not taking care of her community's pets she loves to spend time with her son and husband, their two dogs Cooper and Lexi, and cat Shadow. 

I want to let my animal loving friends that I recommend this service— I made my appointment and communicated by email, I first talked with Dr. Kate when she got to my house — prompt - professional and capable of handling Sacha who hissed, growled and bared her teeth ! I was very glad I did not take the cats in the car! I didn’t expect that from my kitty... Dr.Kate wasn’t rattled and handled both cats with great kindness and care for their well check up and all needed immunizations. I was referred by my regular vet Chambers Creek— I will still use their facility if more care is needed.
— ~ Sacha and Lilly's Mom